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Took a brand new Slim out today for a test ride. They took one off the floor with zero miles on it and gave it to me. Salesman says, have fun.

Pro's and Cons:


Motor. Very nice. The counterbalanced 103 motor is smooth, has pleanty of power, and is almost vibration free. Best part of the bike.

Handling: Surprisingly good, until you hit the floorboards. I went in some slow twisties and drug each floorboard fairly quickly. If you stay away from the extremes, it handles well.

Seat: Nice. Enjoyed being low.

Fit and finish: Nice. the BMW guys always say 1950's technology at 2012 prices, but I didnt see that. Fit and finish were quite nice.

Speedo: Funny I saw it say 7 and I couldnt figure out why. Ahh, 7 is 70MPH!

Handling 2: Low speed handling was very in control. Must be from being so low. I did a couple slow speed u turns without issue. Maybe that is why its a parade bike, but anyone should be able to pass any test on this thing.


Fulll pirate fest in parking lot. Being sold more on the lifestyle than the bike.

Brakes: Not much stopping power and rear very easy to lock up. I would buy ABS so no worry on lock. Perhaps a new bike thing?

Ergo's: After 30 years of riding with my feel below me, will I ever get used to feet in front?

Ergos: Heel and toe shifter - man that thing really gets in the way! I would remove the heel part immediately.

Ergos: Florboards. Both a pro and a con. Just felt too far forward.

Handling: Previously mentioned handling. Scraped the floorboards pretty quickly! Funny, scraped the left more than the right, why?

Sales process: I thought I was getting backroomed, but after talking to the hipster salesmanager I learned he was new (2 weeks on job) and couldn't figure out the price. Nice guy once you got past that. Once he learned I was cool with any process, he lightened up consideraby. Sounds like a little off MRSP for a 2013 is possible.

Accessories book: Really, a telephone book of extra stuff! I just want a bike to ride!


I must admit, if my feet were below me, I would have bought today on sight. My primary issue is will I ultimately get used to that?

There is also a bit of a sail effect above 70mph. Its a cruiser, not a tourer, so this is ok with me.

I dont care for the lifestyle, but as a lone rider I dont have to participate.

This is a difficult decision for me. I am ready for a new bike, my 2002 BMW 1150R is ready for a trade, and I will get something new between now and Spring. I drove the Ducati Diavel and didnt like sitting right on top of the motor.

Does anyone else ride both a sport tourer and a Harely crusier? Can you swap between them without issue?


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