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That was a great race. Gripping! Enthralling! Congrats to Lotus on winning their first. That's a big deal for them. Great drives by Kimi, Alonso and Vettel.

I'm sooo looking forward to a race on that Texas track. It looks really promising.

I wish someone would put a cork -- a large cork -- in Luca's mouth.

Hamilton is leaving a well-ordered, always competitive team, to a snake pit of wavering ownership and divided leadership. Lauda is a viper, based on events at Jaguar. Mercedes could be a mess.

Hamilton may not win. But he'll emerge from it a wiser man and a man more appreciative of the good things, when they happen. Interesting that Whitmarsh believes that ultimately, money was the deciding factor. Also, he rues that Hamilton made his decision in the days immediately after a rough outing at Singapore.

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