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Originally Posted by nwcycle View Post
Myself and offspring all do, I use a Bellistic Downhill Mountain bike helmet, Both kids use a SixSix1 Mountain bike helmet, they weigh the same as a potato chip, almost zero interference with vision, and all under $80.00
Not to mention how much cooler ( Not Style ) they are to wear...
I have seen even the best get out of shape and how quickly these bikes accelerate, usually heading into something more solid than your face,,,, Just cheap insurance for us

For reference only !!!!!!!!!
Macattack occasionally wears his full face downhill mountain bike helmet, i wish i could get him to wear it every ride. the rest of the time he is in a high quality open face.

I personally ride in a very "stylish" but not very "cool' temp motocross helmet. I am just a rookie/novice, but know that I make stupid mistakes and it is worth the little extra weight to protect my face.
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