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Originally Posted by txwanderer View Post
Sorry, you may not be able to understand, or just don't want to. He claims to be a combat vet. Cool, and thanks for serving, however he ain't the only one around and using it for a crutch or to gain credibilty is a sore subject. If you look around, it is rare to hear that statement.
If you don't understand, that is ok, but hold your criticism for something you are knowlegable of. He is quick to show his point of view and is allowed to have it. Makes no difference how I feel about it, sounds like he might have earned it. I was pointing out, that if he wants to call out anyone or organization, he should in turn take its place or do something besides gripe.
Those that can't, critisize.

Have you served?.... and seen combat?
If you haven't -- then STFU

..... and even if you have, you're a pussy for calling out another serviceman who's giving his point of view for something that might have affected him.

Thank You for your service and opinion Pantah

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