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Originally Posted by opmike View Post
How did you come to the conclusion that this was due to you being on a Harley-Davidson and not just them being assholes or otherwise unconcerned about you? You're not the first person to be stuck being a bunch of guys in their own parade. Also, not everyone is going to let you by just because you're riding at a faster pace, and if they are going the speed limit, they quite frankly have no obligation to do so beyond courtesy.

What is wrong with courtesy - and sharing the road?

Advanced riders here in the UK are taught that you should pull over for people who want to ride faster than you, even if they are exceeding the speed limit. By blocking them you are probably raising their blood pressure and encouraging them to do something dangerous - in which case you are an accessory in the moral sense.
I believe that not pulling over to let a faster rider through is bad manners - whether you are on a Goldwing at 15mph or mounted on a Yamaha R1 doing 110mph.

I am not in any way condoning breaking the speed limit or treating the highway like a racetrack.
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