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Cry Help title nightmare

Hey everyone,

New to this board,new to riding in general. I went with my gut a month ago and purchased a 2005 Kawi ex250 off of Craigslist. The owner was decent and open about the bike issues. He handed me a title that was not in his name but the
previous owner. It wasn't until my relative messed up the odometer reading on the back that I had to seek out the previous owner for a duplicate title. I am dieing to get on this bike.

So Upon searching I see this somewhat active thread about the Vermont loophole.
I went through every page and need to know some things specific to a newer bike.
Also keep in mind, I live in NJ and purchased the bike from NY(Ny title)

Will I need to get a vin verification? (I am not allowed to drive without a plate , and can not move the bike from my property)

Can I just send the bill of sale and the original title (which the original owner and myself signed)?

I can not get in touch with the original owner and I am puzzled on how to get this thing on the road.
any help will be appreciated.

The vin is clean, the title is not acceptable in NJ due to the error on the odometer reading, but it clearly states the ownership and transfer of.
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