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Originally Posted by expatbrit View Post
I tried searching the thread, but to no avail, so thought I'd ask.

Have a 2008 WR250X. Love the thing; keep intending to buy dirt wheels and make it a semi-R, but money keeps getting in the way.

I've been having a coupleof battery issues lately -- I suspect the battery is weak after the second time it dropped. Didn't think it was a huge issue, until this last time.

Battery was dead. Charged it, started the bike, and the speedo was registering 3 or 4x my actual speed. (And, yes, the odometer clocking along merrily with it). Figured it had to be electrical, but decided to drop the battery 'just in case' it'd magically fix it, but to no avail.

A quick google sees Internet evidence that this is not 'uncommon' (Couple of posters over on wr250forum, at least). Consistent low voltage to the gauge will, maybe, break it and cause this speedo error. The fix -- replace the gauge cluster . Called the local dealer, but they didn't have any idea short of 'replace the battery and bring it to us to run thru' the service manual'. That sounds expensive to me, and if it's just going to end up with buying a new gauge cluster, then I guess I'd rather start with that.

Before I go out and order a new cluster:
Has anyone here seen this?
Any suggestions on anything else to try before I just bite the bullet?

And, if I do have to order the cluster. where's the cheapest place?
This problem has been reported on the WR site (I saw your post). It appears that the problem occurs when the battery is drained while the key is on. If you pull up, turn the bike off with the kill switch, forget to turn the key off, and run the battery down while the key is on it FUBARS the head unit. I have seen a couple for sale on ebay, but I don't think there is any way to repair one once it screws up.

I don't know what the adjustment ranges is on one of these, but maybe????......................................... .............

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