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A few hundred relaxing miles again today.

Threw on a battery tender pigtail before the ride, which is what my heated vest plugs into as well. I didn't think I'd need it, but I might have died w/o it today. It was in the low 50's, possibly lower, and I didn't layer up at all. I am glad I had a balaclava and the warm gloves in the topcase. The grips are great to have, but a couple more amps wouldn't hurt... when you're cold the gear is never hot enough.

First stop was the post office - SuperRio's got some shirts comin'! I raided your online photos - hope you don't mind.

GPS is working well, but fogged up a little today on the inside ... it cleared eventually, but I wasn't stoked about it. I might throw it in a bag of rice to try to dry her out. Otherwise, it was nice to have today and got to hit some new roads as well as old favorites. Also a plus, I GPS verified that my speedo is spot on.

Back out to Anza Borrego State Park in the desert. I tried to do Canyon sin Nombre, but there was too much sand too fast for my (lack of) skill level, so I found another path that ended up with just as much sand, but eased into it, which made me happy. Blair something or other I think it was called. Lots of hikers around - I guess there's some graffiti that's a few centuries old that people like to go see. Anyway, heard some rocks pinging against the new skidplate, which was nice. A proper christening.

The area:

The path:

Headed north and saw some local wildlife:

Back southish home w/o further incident. The neutral switch is a little loose - the light flickered a few times. Came home after dark - the new headlights are workin' great!

Still wish I had a centerstand... thinking more about it, I can most likely make it work if the exhaust were tapered out just a little... ah whatever.

Edit: Forgot to mention - I think the oil leak appears to be fixed.. =) Also, at the very end of the ride, saw a KTM adventure... while the KLRE seems pretty quick for the money, the bark of that liter twin made me pretty jealous...

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