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Looks like the front forks will work just fine. We will have to use some of the viable pieces off of the old ones and put them together with the ones I picked up off of Ebay to make everything fit right, but it seems to have been a worth while purchase. Speaking of Ebay, I took Ed's advice and picked up a pre-made seat cover for pretty cheap and reupholstered the seat myself today.

Here is what the seat looked like before:

And after a little bit of work it now looks like this:

The foam was in great shape so it went pretty smooth after I figured out a way to secure everything and McGyver'd my own trim pieces for it. I still need to add the strap back on which will most likely require some grommets since the hardware was too rusty to salvage. Other than that she's ready to go (and mighty comfy too).

Also picked up a sand blasting cabinet today and Dillon will be getting it assembled and ready to start blasting parts for painting.
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