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Some KTM Humor today

Driving home from work today. Bunch of people having a car wash. Truck was dusty I pull in and get it washed. Very nice people sad story. Take the truck home and get wifes bike, BMW X country and head back down for a wash. Girls liked it as they didnt have to jump to reach the top. Keep in mind I have the only bike in the parking lot,Plus the only fellow in gear holding an Arai helmet. One of the car wash guys not 10' away goes(Wow who the hell brought a bike to get washed? Crickets chirp and the girls all laugh.
Take it home and get the Suzuki DR-200. Again girls think its Neat i brought a bike to get washed. I leave and go home.
Get the KTM 990 ADV warmed up, Ride down to the lot. They wash it and again the fellow comes over and after looking at the bike says. (What is that? Some kinda dirt bike) Me yep its a dual sport. The guys says you mean its got plates on it. Yep I rode it here. Then he asks( can you ride it anywhere?) I say sure I take it lots of places.
He asks how big the fuel tank is. I show him the dual tanks. Here it comes.
He says I just bought a 2012 Yamaha Star 1800cc vagina slide XYZ something or other. Lots of crome he says.
He then asks me( Could you ride that bike to Los Angeles?) I said sure its about a 2 hour ride.
Deer in the headlights look. You mean you could ride a bike that far he asks. Sure no problem I say. He says thats way to far to ride. I then noticed his wife in the background rolling her eyes and giving me the look ( sorta a dont give him any ideas look).
So I again gave condolences to the girls, fired the bike and rode the long way hope to dry it off.
Good safe riding to all.
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