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First -- yeah, I've been surprised when I shoved it in km/h. It's further off than that, and in mph still. I wish I was that dumb. :)

Originally Posted by KansasBob View Post
This problem has been reported on the WR site (I saw your post). It appears that the problem occurs when the battery is drained while the key is on. If you pull up, turn the bike off with the kill switch, forget to turn the key off, and run the battery down while the key is on it FUBARS the head unit. I have seen a couple for sale on ebay, but I don't think there is any way to repair one once it screws up.
Didn't /think/ I left the key on; it wasn't on when I loaded the thing to take it down to Arroyo Seco.

Still -- definitely got the unit FUBAR, showing all the symptoms of the buggered head unit from the WR forum. I just haven't seen it reported anywhere else but there, and it's a pretty serious issue.

I don't know what the adjustment ranges is on one of these, but maybe????......................................... .............
I have one; I don't think it's do /that/ much of an adjustment. It is at least 3x off, and possibly more than that. Quite exciting, really.

The new head unit is less than I feared, more than I hoped. I'll probably just stalk eBay for a bit and if that fails, get a new one. Boo.
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