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Originally Posted by rockymountainoyster View Post
Is it lost on the "noobs", and I am kind of a "noob", that the Banjercito is the bank of the Mexican Military! Get a grip ladies. These guys do not f*** around. Evidently petty immigration officials also wield a certain measure of independent power. If they don't like you face they are not going to let you stay in their country for 180 days. Just slow the hell down and smile. We do things differently here in the lower 48 than they do in Alaska. SP never got that and we gave her a good spankin'. Further south in NA they do things a lot differently. Get used to it and drop the attitude. DWJ Donnie is a shining example of how to get along with our neighbors... read his stuff and look at his pix. If you are going to Mex only because you want to get f***ed that is exactly what you will get. You can stand on the deck of an aircraft carrier (or the AIDS ward) with a smug look and your mission accomplished banner. We arrogant nortenos will never unravel Mexico... it had an advanced civilization before we "white" guys got here/there. Spend more time reading and less time bleeding.
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