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Gday Cortez.
So the DP sliders were equivalent to about 90% of the Multivar's performance?
Did you get around to trying heavier DP sliders in the Multivar to sort out the revs?
Did you ever try HEAVIER than stock DP sliders in the standard variator to keep the same accel but trying to gain some top speed?

All leading questions of course! I would normally throw in some lighter DP sliders and a thicker Kevlar belt on any ride and call the transmission done, but with the new little toy I'm specifically after an increased top cruising speed, and couldn't care less about how long it takes to get there. At the moment the choices are a Polini 9-roller (supposed to gain a few more kph on most tests) or slightly heavier-than-stock DP sliders with the Kevlar belt.
Who the hell would drag race a Ducati?!?!?!?!
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