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Originally Posted by Gerg View Post
Yeah, Riiiight...

Any modern engine will run pretty close to all day long at near redline. Most, if not all, have limiters that kick in before any damage is done.

Of two current bikes:
R1200, I can't see running up against the redline because it just isn't necessary (although I have hit the limiter a time or two)
TW200, I run that little sucker flat out ALL the time with no ill effects.

Near redline? I'm talking of right on redline, or past it.

120mph for twenty miles on a R75/6 with American (R60/6) final ratio, and mph speedo back when Oz was already metric.
I did slow down to 110mph at the occasional wooden plank bridge, then open back up to 120.

Like this but with S90-type fairing and slim panniers.

Bridge surfaces like this taken at 110mph.
'08 Suzuki AN650A Burgman (and trailer)
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