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Originally Posted by MODNROD View Post
Gday Cortez.
So the DP sliders were equivalent to about 90% of the Multivar's performance?
That's simplifying things a bit, but from 0-60mph, yes.

The difference in 30-50mph, 40-60mph and similar real world
accelerations is always better with the multivar, even the way it's
setup now (0-60 time same as with stock cvt and sliders).

Punching out the rear and powersliding was almost never possible
with the stock CVT, but even with as heavy rollers as possible in the
multivar, it'll pick up the revs so fast that traction on crappy city roads
is an issue (we got some roads here that are like bathroom ceramic

Originally Posted by MODNROD View Post
Did you get around to trying heavier DP sliders in the Multivar to sort out the revs?

The Multivar comes with a set od 20gr rollers which made the bike
rev out to 8000 at WOT. I replaced them with 23gr Dr Pulley sliders
which resulted in 7500 revs at WOT, still a bit higher then I hoped.
Just recently, I bought a set of cheapo 25gr rollers and that did the
trick. Now at WOT it's usually around 7000, but sometimes it will
still shoot past that mark. What I CAN do now, but couldn't do before
is cruise around town at 4500-5000 revs.. with 23gr sliders it was
impossible to get revs below 5500, and they were usually above
6000. Add 500 revs for the 20gr rollers.

The only issue that I have now is high speed cruising, since I don't
have Dr Pulley sliders now but regular rollers.

With the 23gr sliders the revs at 85MPH were lower then what I
have now with 25gr rollers.

At 75mph for example, I've got 6800-7000 revs at the tach now,
which is about the same as the stock setup would run at (that's
stock cvt and 15.5gr weights). The whole idea behind tuning was
trying to get a faster 0-60 time and lower revs at speeds above

Stock bike would have done 0-60mph in 11 seconds, and now it's
sometimes even under 9 seconds with the 25gr weights in multivar.
It was about the same with 23gr sliders, and revs at 75MPH were
also the same.

Just near the top speed the revs would drop a tiny bit with 23gr sliders
compared to the 25gr rollers.

The top speed with all of these setups is virtually the same - 90mph.
20gr rollers = 8700revs bouncing of the limiter.
23gr sliders = 8000revs, won't go over without wind or downhill slope
25gr rollers = 8500revs - still too high.

The fastest I've seen this scoot go was with the stock CVT setup,
around 95mph at 8500-8600.

For high speed cruising the stock CVT + 14gr sliders was the best
setup (that's 10% lighter then stock rollers at 15.5gr).

That setup would give a consistent 500 revs lower reading at anything
over 65mph, read: 6500 at 75mph.

I'll just throw this out one more time, the stock bike at WOT would do
5500 revs, and with 10% lighter sliders it would run at 6500 revs
(huge subjective difference in acceleration, no surprise considering that
the bike has 4hp more here and 6500e is also the torque peak).

24.5 or 25gr sliders in the multivar will be my last attempt, and I'm
confident it'll do what I need (probably a bit snappier off the line then
25gr rollers, and I'll be happy with 200-300 revs less at 75mph).

Originally Posted by MODNROD View Post
Did you ever try HEAVIER than stock DP sliders in the standard variator to keep the same accel but trying to gain some top speed?
Heavier then stock would result in worse acceleration, and worse top
speed. Don't even have to try it to be sure of this.

What makes the CVT "pick" it's revs is the weight of the rollers or
sliders. The sliders just engage a bit faster, but 15.5 grams (that's stock)
will do 5500 revs at WOT, be it rollers or sliders.

The top speed thing - the idea behind dr pulley sliders is that you get
lower revs at the last third of how fast your scoot will go. Considering
that 14gr sliders in stock CVT (again, 10% LIGHTER then stock) already
has the result of loosing about 3-4mph at the top, going heavier would
drop it by a lot more.

Again, with the stock weights at 75mph, you're at 7000 revs.
The power tops out at 8000. With the stock setup, you can usually
reach 8000, sometimes above. With 14gr sliders, 7000 revs is
80mph, and that's a lot of wind resistance there already, and what
happens with my huge windscreen and huge topcase is that sometimes
that's all she's got.

I did manage to hit 95mph once going downhill and that was around 8000
revs. It DID keep that speed at level ground after that though.

Scoots with more torque might respond differently, the kymco g5 300 is
specific here because of it's lower displacement and rather high revving
nature so it's probably reacting a lot more to these CVT changes then
a 400cc/30hp scooter would.

Originally Posted by MODNROD View Post
All leading questions of course! I would normally throw in some lighter DP sliders and a thicker Kevlar belt on any ride and call the transmission done, but with the new little toy I'm specifically after an increased top cruising speed, and couldn't care less about how long it takes to get there. At the moment the choices are a Polini 9-roller (supposed to gain a few more kph on most tests) or slightly heavier-than-stock DP sliders with the Kevlar belt.
Like I said, heavier DP sliders won't work.
Even going the same weight will most likely drop a few mph from the top.

If low revs is what you're after forget all those performance CVTs too,
they all make the bikes rev a lot more and it's very hard to tame them
down, but I'm getting there.

In the end, I'll probably end up with a setup that will return 0-60 and top
speed just like the stock CVT with 10% lighter sliders had, and just a
couple % more performance in between, and that certainly not worth
the asking price for the malossi multivar (and 3-4 sets of weights that
I had to buy in the process).
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