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Originally Posted by motojunky View Post
I'm curious as to how many of you who object to no-stop have actually ridden no-stop.

In a couple of Twinshock events. One no stop at all, the next was the MWVTA National in Roswell last month that had a No Stop with a Foot Down rule. Both were very hard to get used to, as my Trials experience is not wired for that. I did not like it, but then again I really do suck at Trials anyway.

Originally Posted by Twin-shocker View Post
Going back to no-stop isnt going to make a scrap of difference to the low numbers riding Brit championship series events. The main reason for low numbers is that the events are set out for maybe 6 riders, and are simply 2 hard for most of the others (even though they are riding easier sections!).

However lack of suitable land to run events completely off road, is the main problem facing UK national trialling at the moment. Most national level events are run along the lines of several different groups of sections, which in most cases are linked by riding between them on public roads.

The rules/legislation related to riding on public roads are currently being tightened up, and it seems very likely that riding on the road during competition events will be outlawed in the next few years.

Seems a great shame, but not sure there is anything that will prevent this happening.............and unless suitable land can be found to run national level events completely off road, the future doesnt look that bright for UK trialling.

Land access is now a big problem in America too. Don't let the "Public Land" byline that the BLM and the Forest Service uses fool ya, it's really not that public.

Originally Posted by LowPSI View Post
Gordy, I don't know you but I'm just trying to exchange ideas here and share my experience. Maybe we had two shocks, but we rode longer and harder than you do today with much better equipment. We did more with less. We would have ridden you into the ground.

Bill Blythe 1974 Colorado National at the top of a 3rd gear hillclimb

Manuel Soler 1978 Terrassa, Spain. Twin shocks no kicker

Give up, Gordy. You'll lose this one.

Okay, I'll admit the reason I quoted this one is that I thought the pics were awesome.
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