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Originally Posted by LowPSI View Post
Gordy, I don't know you but I'm just trying to exchange ideas here and share my experience. Maybe we had two shocks, but we rode longer and harder than you do today with much better equipment. We did more with less. We would have ridden you into the ground.

Bill Blythe 1974 Colorado National at the top of a 3rd gear hillclimb sit back and reminence.

The girls were prettier back then too!!

You probably would have ridden me into the ground back then because I would have been on either a CZ, Rickman, Elsinore or some other bike that (looking back on) we rode the wheels off of and went extremely fast. At least it seems as though we did looking back 40 years. I have only been in this sport for maybe five years not counting a very brief gig in the 70s on a TL-125. (cross training for MX)

I gotta go trials riding right now in some of our beautiful weather and country. Gonna work on my balance/set up a bunch.

The rest of you flat earthers can practice rolling.
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