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+1 on davevv comments. I've too have had a bunch of bikes over the years and ride 20K+/- a year. There are some differences in each bike, but with a little mileage you soon imprint the new addition into your responses and that applies to everything from BMWs with wizzy brakes to ultra soft suspension and low clearance issues on a bagger, etc, etc. I can remember having bikes in the garage with left and right side shifting and they were no problem if you paid attention while riding.

Test ride or rent a Dyna and a Touring chassis HD and then make the call. I recently rented a 2012 Road King for a four day camping trip and had an absolute ball on it. If I had taken only a 20-30 minute road test I likely would have just handed the keys back with a thanks, but no thanks final impression and instead I really came to appreciate what a good motorcycle it is (heavy, but competent, shame on those that never learn to ride them instead of just own them).. Anyway, I ended up getting another Beemer, but only after a couple missed deals on a HD and then I found my current rt. BTW, the last 2 years of cross country, camping trips were done on my Stelvio and Futura and that included plenty of freeways and many miles of gravel and dirt that I would take anything from a Softail to GoldWing on, Buy what makes you smile and roll out, they are all great and they all do something better or worse than another offering so don't let others subjective opinions limit your enjoyment.

The FatBoy has those lovely tubeless radial tires, big + in my subjective pro/con list., other than that I really like the look of the Slim!
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