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Originally Posted by expatbrit View Post
Didn't /think/ I left the key on; it wasn't on when I loaded the thing to take it down to Arroyo Seco.

Still -- definitely got the unit FUBAR, showing all the symptoms of the buggered head unit from the WR forum. I just haven't seen it reported anywhere else but there, and it's a pretty serious issue.
Just thinking out loud now.................................. I guess if the battery is heading South, and you turn the bike on with a low battery, then try to crank it making the battery still even lower that might be enough to cause what ever the low voltage problem is for the head unit. I agree this is a serious issue and has made me nervous since I first read about it. I keep my bike on a tender 95% of the time when I'm not riding, and the original 08 battery is still strong as ever, but considering the consequences of waiting until the battery gets weak I'll probably figure 4 years is the limit and replace it this winter.
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