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Originally Posted by cannonrider View Post
Off 800&22 Smyrna Ohio

Skull Fork...not one of the ones I have yet, but on my list...thanks

meanwhile, Steve (BigOhio) and I got out yesterday for about 75 miles or so...was a nice day and Steve wanted to test out his sore we went tear-assing around the Hocking Hills for a while, then stopped at the Millstone for a beer. As I was just about home, maybe half a mile away, I started hearing a fairly loud clattering from the engine on my home to find my left foot and shin and the left side of the bike covered in oil. It was almost dark, and dinner time, so I just put the bike in the garage and decided to wait until today to look at it.

when I got home from work today, this is what I found:

which explains both the oil and the noise (if I'm reading the schematic correctly, thats the valve rocker arm shaft). I put it back in and tightened it up, and refilling the oil, started the bike and all seems to be untoward noises noticed as of yet. Lucky for me, the frame tube kept it from falling out completely. There are 8 of these on the bike, but only this one and the same one on the other side wouldnt fall out and be lost. Anyway, I checked all the others for tightness, and am now going out for a test ride.
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