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Originally Posted by 'Flagger View Post

Thanx to all for letting my mini-panzer tag along.

Had a good ride home 78/555/669.
You win the hardcore big bike prize, well done muscling the 800 on those trails.

I had a great time, trails were perfect and it was fun to blast along and hit some air...I think I was off the ground more than on it. My butt isn't sore from sitting it's sore from getting slapped by the seat so much.

Casualties are my cool home-made skid plate, which took a big hit I think on a rock ledge, I heard something pop and sure enough the plate is in two pieces now...but it did it's job cause there's no damage to anything. $11 well spent.

And my water pump seal is leaking again...worked for a couple hundred miles, but today it was puking after we came to a stop. The shaft was a little notchy when I changed it, and I didn't pull the head to fix it figured I might get lucky and it would work but no dice. Looks like I'll have to tear into that this winter.
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