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Originally Posted by 2whlrcr View Post
My first motorcycle competition was a trials in 1973. It was no stop because bikes sucked and you couldn't stop anyway with shitty brakes and dragging clutches.

Modern bikes dictate modern rules. Rules should be modified to no stop with a foot down. So it will take skill to stay stopped and eliminate the stopped with a foot down, while you try to figure out what to do next.
We heard all of this pestilence and blight, back when we moved from no stop to stop and hop... BTW, regurgitating old movies and motorcycle rules, & Communism/socialism, is about the generation in charge now, can do!

Lets all go watch "Total Recall" again... (I cant wait until the redo Beverly Hillbillies, like we did "Dukes of hazzard" and "Dallas" ((NOT)).

no thanks... I guess it might be time to find another hobby.

At this rate, if the in charge takes over Nasa we'll go back to sending Chimps into orbit, restart the Mercury Missions.
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