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That's awesome..

Really wish sometime in my life I can say I celebrated 365 days on the road..

Enjoy it man. As you know (or may be forgetting) those options and opportunities don't come along often....

Just that picture of the beach has me dreaming about bumming around Belize, cooking breakfast in the morning while all the partiers were still sleeping and then heading out to chill around the island. It didn't involve my bike, but the bike got me there and I'll never forget it. 100's of scenarios like that where I think back and say "even the bad parts weren't that bad!" considering how things are now. (the only real bad thing was intestine issues, but I got them sorted! haha)

Computer screens, paper trails, traffic, icy roads, very few hours to do what YOU want to do, stress, etc. It's not worth it.

The long run goal has me tempting to do it again in a year or two. Probably a dash for S.A, then exploring and enjoying!
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