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After walking around Shelter Cove it was time to find a place to eat. Everything was shut down for the season vice one small pizza place and a small mom-n-pop restaurant. Went in to the pizza place and the only size they had was super large.
Me: Can't you just make a small one?
Moron behind counter: No, we only have dough balls in the large size.
Me: Cut it in two and make a small pie
Moron: We can't do that we only have dough made up in the large size
Me: You are kidding right. Just cut it in two, slap some sauce and cheese on it.
Moron: We should have some smaller sizes tomorrow
Me: Have a nice day!
Didn't want that much so down the street a little way to the only other option. Super nice people running the place and was glad the moron in the pizza place couldn't quite grasp cutting something in two. Great wild salmon dinner with beer. A bit pricey but the conversation was good. Place was deserted so the owner/chef came out and shot the breeze. Learned alot about the area.

Left the following morning in fog thick as soup. Once I climbed up off the coast I got above the fog somewhat and was headed towards Usal Road. Came to an intersection which was a dead end dirt road that went back down to the coast at Sinkyone State Park. Debated whether to go back down in the fog but decided I'd check it out. Glad I did as it was a really cool road. In and out of the fog going down.

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