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Well, I thought this build was done, but I've put about 200 miles on the bike now and there are a few minor tweaks I need to do over the winter. I was glad I got some miles on the bike before winter sets in. If I have any luck, I'll have a few more hundred miles on the odometer before the new year.

Minor Issues:
1. The standard 3" rise in the Emig Racing Triple tree brought the handlebars closer to the rider. So the height was about right but the riding position for my tall frame was a little cramped. I need the bars farther forward. Some Rok Pivoting bar risers should be the solution! We'll see!

2. The other thing I noticed was the bike seemed to be running very lean at mid throttle (ie needles and needle jet). The addition of the FMF header seems to have opened the bike up a bit, so I'm going to slap the FMF jet kit in and dial that in over the warmer spring months. Kinda funny, FMF usually throws in a few stickers as a "thank you" for the purchase. For some reason they through in a pack of 50! What the heck am I going to do with 50 FMF stickers?

3. I also wanted to get a mount for my GPS on the XR. I'm finding myself exploring more and more backroads and the handheld GPS seems to be the way to go over my 550 Zumo. $30 worth of parts and I have the mount ready to go!

4. I also need to figure out how to stop my coolant hoses to stop leaking when the bike warms up. The engine isn't overheating, but the hose clamps on my aftermarket hoses don't seem to seal the coolant very well. I think I'm going to try some wider hose clamps and possibly some different hoses if that doesn't fix the problem.

5. Lastly, as many others have dealt with, my Acerbis petcocks are weeping fuel ever so slowly that my garage starts to smell like a bomb after a few days. I'm going to play around with some larger O-rings to see if I can fix the leakage.

That's it for now. It's been a while since I've had a small bike like the XRR. I love it!
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