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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
Very nice. Doesn't look much bigger than the Honda SH150i, and probably didn't cost anymore. My only concern is that it might be too small for the freeways, but I guess that depends on the freeway. Since you live in CA, you should be able to ride it all winter. I live in AZ, and winter, what there is of it, IS the riding season. Way to hot to ride in the summer. Enjoy it.
Its fine on the freeways, well it is if you get a windscreen otherwise you get a lot of buffeting. My husband rode ours out from Colorado to California last year so my son would have it at university. Topped out at 85-88 on I-15 coming down from Las Vegas to San Diego with temps in the 110f range.

It has been my son's only transport out there. It has also been the transport of choice in Houston for my brother's fiance. If she doesn't have to take her daughter with her on the scoot she hops instead of the SUV to carry around the 3 year old. Oh, and she keeps up on the freeway with my brother on his BMW 1200R (as long as he keeps it under 85 anyway) on the freeway.
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