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That's a nice lean on that CBX. With that big inline six, it almost looks like you'll scrape engine before you would scrape a foot peg.

Here is a scan of an older photo of my '82 Honda C70 that I shot and developed myself for a photography class I was taking at the time. I remember this ride vividly. It was a warmer winter day in central Kansas and the snow had just melted away. I was really looking for an excuse to ride and having to take photos for class fit the bill perfectly. The gravel/sand roads were in pretty good shape but then I came to about a mile of true dirt, which due to the snow melt was now about the consistency and color of chocolate pudding. I slipped and slid about halfway down the road where I came upon a part that I felt was impassable, but there was a raised bank on one side with grass on it. I thought it would be drier and the grass would give better traction than the mud below. I rode on the small bank for about 20 feet until a section gave way and I slipped down the other side. The Honda instantly sank almost axle deep in a muddy field. I was able to drag the bike out of the field and back over the bank, but the muck sucked my shoes right off my feet in the process. This picture was taken on the shoeless trip back into town. If you look really close, you can see the muddy grass hanging off the rear fender. That enormous trunk was great for camping and grocery getting but made the bike rather awkward to ride. A milk crate is far superior.

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