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Originally Posted by XpressCS View Post
You don't buy a Jeep for comfort?

Guess it's all a matter of personal preference, I've driven in a handful of JK's and JKU's... They feel like cheap cheap plastic to me.
Compared to a YJ, they are a Rolls Royce. Now if you are talking pre 2011, I agree to a degree. However, the interior redesign for 2011 made a HUGE difference. Then the new motor in 2012 and it actually is a heck of a nice car, not just a Jeep. And look a few pages back and you'll see I actually use it as well...

We just finished a family camping trip this weekend towing the fully loaded Evolution pop up (~2700 lbs as we had it loaded) and got 18 mpg on the way back. I barely got that with my YJ by itself, and I couldn't have kept up with the JKUR.

Plus I had the comfort of heated seats, GPS, Sat Radio, a hard top, etc. to make it infinitely more comfy than when I towed a single bike cross country with my YJ. My perspective is that I'm spoiled. :)
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