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Dan, if you did the work on that house and made a mistake that made the house uninhabitable, would you stand behind your work, or avoid the homeowner for months then belatedly offer a credit for next time? (I'm desperately avoiding QC construction industry jokes here).

I own a small business. If we screw up, we make it right. We don't make mistakes often, but sh*t happens. Dave admitted to me that they made a mistake. It's how we deal with mistakes that defines us as businessmen.

OTOH, if we get screwed by a customer, we can take a loss against profit and write it off on taxes. It doesn't make it right but it makes it a little less painful. We can also write off any legal costs in getting paid and we can lien their property. You can bet that if the work had been done and Anderwerks didn't get paid, there'd be a mechanic's lien on the bike. A retired person getting his bike fixed badly doesn't have the same opportunities but he can post his story on the Internet.

Finally, what lesson should the OP learn from this? Not to deal with Anderwerks? That they don't stand behind their work? If he learns those lessons, shouldn't he pass it on? As an Anderwerks customer, I hope that is not the lesson here.

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