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Originally Posted by LandsVW View Post
A great weekend with wifes birthday and the visiting of friends!
Bike report:
1. as of tonight: found (as I read ADVrider forums) that I had my banjo bolts in the small oil pipe reversed. So, spent a few minutes changing them over. gently kicked over the engine - oil pressure pushed oil out the top loosened banjo bolt! So, 1.5 quarts 20-w50 in the bottom, 1 quart in the top, and decent oil pressure is showing.
2. installed header. no probs. installed exhaust - oops! doesn't fit correctly. Looking closely at it, seems to be an exhaust for some kind of Honda 400. fits the header but no way fits the frame. Hmmm, I will call PO and see if he accidently gave me the wrong one. Anyone have original muffler for a cheap price? and/or, anyone need a 400 exhaust?

3. Install chain - nope. master link is missing 2 parts. Ok, no biggie, I'll go to the M/C shop some time this week.
4. Missing a bracket that holds large oil return line to the front of the frame - ebay?
5. missing manual compression lever (cable was taped to bars). ebay?
6. removed smelly old gas from tank, clean and examine on/off valve. good to go
7. install tank and fit seat. Turn the throttle over so cables are running out over the top. reroute the cables.
8. remove ugly stickers from the plastics using WD-40. No more number 126!
9. examine air filter. looks pretty pathetic. I think a new one should be ordered.
10. examine wiring: brake activator is held on by hose clamps? wiring is def. messed up in that area. Unplug/remove that and the tail light wires, which are just cut and dangling. Examine headlight wires. Look better, but the bulb is def. blown. Some future work will be necessary to get tail/brake/headlight to operate correctly.

11. Wait until next warm day and fire this thing up!
#4, Photo please? I may have it.
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