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Originally Posted by The Stew View Post
Im currently installing a EM Drill thru subframe bolt upgrade because I dont have a choice in the matter. I wrecked on some ice last week and my sw motec bars took the brunt but in the process busted the bolt right off the frame leaving it stuck in there tighter then hell. Currenting drilling thru (about 2 hours along and im roughly 6/10 of the way there) and I'm wondering who in their right mind would do this mod with no reason!!! Its hard as hell to cut thru that metal and Im using a well lubed bit pulling out and cleaning it every few mm. Hopefully when I get home from work I can knock it out rather quickly and slap the bike back together. Im hoping HARD that I havnt screwed up and drilled untrue.

ANYWAY now that I'm doing this Im wondering if anybody have any Doohickey tools lying around that they would part with. Figured Id just knock everything out while I'm at it. I'd pass them on when I'm done with them as they pretty much are once use tools from what I understand.
I did the drill through earlier this year, dam hard to drill straight and true that's for sure. Mine was not quite true but I was able to tap the bolt through and everything has seemed fine since. I plan to tear the bike down this winter for some maintenance and possibly some upgrades I will check it then. Make sure to upgrade the bolts on the lower braces as well while you are at it.
However, I am not complaining because I know that I am probably better today then I will be tomorrow, so I try and enjoy every day as it comes, and stay determined to live well and be appreciative of what I still can do..."Stromsurfer"
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