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I watch MotoGP and am planning on going to watch the race in Austin this year.
I've never watched a WSB.
I'm planning on catching at least one and maybe two SX races this year.

Thats a lot of tourist dollars that I will have to pony up.

The world round in Tennessee moved to the bottom of my list and I probably won't go. Suck it FIM. Sorry TTC.
See, I am a trials enthusiast but when I told my wife that there would be no set-ups and the stuff wouldn't be as big based on no stop rules, she rolled her eyes and said "forget it!".
If they think attendance us bad now, just wait until they make the sport more boring for the spectators.

Beta is paying Cody Webb a rumored $200K/year and that isn't about no stop. They want to sell trail bikes from his EnduroCross results. They can afford a freaking minder at a few world events. I can't imagine that being a position that is too highly compensated. It is probably their trainer that is on all year anyway.
Maybe they could turn the tires around at every other event to save another hun or two.

This elected Bill Clinton: It's the economy stupid.
I'm probably wrong, but making something more boring to watch (and ride) doesn't seem like it will help.

While riding yesterday, I had big fun stopping in sections and working on stationary set-up. I think I'll let them do whatever they want with the rules. I'll show up and ride the way I want and they can punch 5s all day. Problem solved!
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