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Originally Posted by Yankee Dog View Post
Iím sorry, but this is ridiculous. I am not able to figure out the necessity to move it to FL via car.
My apologies if that wasn't clear in my original post. We got the call about my father-in-law at about 1 AM. We were pulling out of the driveway for a drive to southwest Florida a little over an hour later. About 700 miles later, we parked at my mother-in-law's at about 2 PM.

Originally Posted by Yanke Dog
Last I looked, Alabama and South Caroline both enjoy year round riding.

I don't see your point here.
Originally Posted by Yankee Dog
And requiring the mascot to move around via motorcycle is anything but thumping the rule book.

I agree that the mascot should move around via motorcycle -- even though there isn't really a rule to that effect. I didn't want to hold up the game, so I broke the implied rule. I coulda not mentioned it, but that's not who I am.

Originally Posted by Yankee Dog
Any number of locations would have been fine to include your mailbox

I don't think that advertising on an Internet forum that my house was sitting empty would have been a smart thing to do. Also, I get my mail in my mailbox.
Originally Posted by Yankee Dog
and or a week or two delay would have been fine.
Originally Posted by Yankee Dog

But to move the egg by car is not ok.
I agree. So I picked up the egg yesterday morning and will place it this afternoon by motorcycle.

I wasn't happy to place it by car. I wasn't happy to hold up the game. (I had mis-remembered the timeframe posted about how soon the mascot should be placed as being about a week instead of the "week or two" that is stated in the OP.) The egg will be placed today -- a little over two weeks since I picked it up. I'm moving it to satisfy my own dissatisfaction with the car placement.

In the end, Eggy had a little Florida vacation while I dealt with some family matters.

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