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Originally Posted by PWRCRZR View Post
I did the drill through earlier this year, dam hard to drill straight and true that's for sure. Mine was not quite true but I was able to tap the bolt through and everything has seemed fine since. I plan to tear the bike down this winter for some maintenance and possibly some upgrades I will check it then. Make sure to upgrade the bolts on the lower braces as well while you are at it.

Yeah I screwed up royal and drilled down and to the front busting threw the plug for about a inch before I noticed I was way off. Was able to wallow it back true though via the other side but now there is a hole in the plug in the center. Everything is back up and installed and it feels stronger then hell but I just feel bad that I manged to screw up that bad.

Now to finish poping the dent out of my gas tank (from the PO) and painting it red to match the plasic. Hoping to get it all sanded and preped today. Siphon the gas out, sand with 150 wet then 1000 then hit it with cleaner. Hoping it isnt as time consuming as it sounds.
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