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Originally Posted by oldxr View Post
I have a xrr .I did a major whole bike upgrade 2 years ago and have been riding it more than my road bike.A suggestion-if you install a speedo unit like a trailtech vapor you can drill and tap a temp sensor hole in the thermostat housing instead of using that plastic t that you cut a hose to install.Less parts to leak.
I have a Tailtech vaper, not sure if I'm going to install it or not, but that's a good idea!

Originally Posted by oldxr View Post
you will probably need a better seat.The seat concepts seat is working good for me but if you are tall there are other off the shelf options -like a guts tall seat.Or send it to a custom builder.
The seat has been on order with Renazco since I started this build, I have two stock seats so the one pictured is just the one I'm bumming around on until my Renazco seat is finished late December. I have his seats on my KTM 990 as well and really like them. I've used Corbin, Meyer saddles and others, but I really like the Renazco workmanship.

Originally Posted by oldxr View Post
There is a post right now on thumpertalk about grinding .050" of of the throttle slide to eliminate off idle bog.Even with the 68s pilot jet and the b53e needle 4 notches down I still had a big lean spot from 1500 to 3000 rpm that I found when I dynoed my bike.I went back to the near-new edelborck carb that came with the bike.It runs much better but after another dyno run found I a little rich and lost 3 hp on top.I installed a leaner needle but I havent been back to the dyno yet.The Hodakaguy brace is awesome-I have layed my bike down on both sides and the brace keeps the tank off of the radiators and makes the tank easier to install.Most people have installed a Keihin fcr carb.Another little trick is to run a cdi box from an early xr400-more initial advance +1000 rpm more revs.The oil level sight tube kit is nice to have.
Thanks OldXR. This advise will come in handy! It's helpful to see what others are doing. I'm actually going to try to de-tune this bike somewhat, as I hope to use it in a South Ameica trip in a few years. So I am concerned with reliability as I am with power. I"ll run her fat and cool!

Thanks again!
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