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2001 TM Racing MX125 Build

So I got the bike home and it looked horrible. Every piece of plastic was cracked. The seals were leaking on the forks. The engine had spray paint and about a half of a quart of baked on oil all over it. The seals on the engine were leaking. The pipe was smashed completely flat on one side. The wheel bearings were bad. The intake boot was cracked. The seat cover was torn. The kick starter was missing the spacer behind it allowing it to hit the pipe, The clutch lever assembly needed rebuilt. The piston has that is suppose to measure 53.94mm measures 53.77mm. The steering bearings were bad. Other than that is was a great bike.
I thought to myself-Would you like just to leave the bike as is and just fix the fork seals, the piston, and leave it as a guest bike? No, that is not like me at all. I have to do it right! So I did some research on parts and here is what I have found.

The Crossover Parts are:
Rear Fender-KX 125 99
Front Fender-04 CR 125
KTM Radiator Cap
Kick Start Lever-CR 250 03
Water Pump Gasket-CR 250 03
Mud Flap-CR 250 03
Chain Slider-CR 500 93 (I don't know this for a fact)
Silencer-KX 125 98
Air Filter-CR 125 99

Although I have found these crossover parts I ended up ordering all original parts or OEM replacement parts from Dan at Motoexotica in CA. He was nice to deal with and the parts only took about a week and a half to come in.

After I decided I would do a full rebuild on the bike I had to strip it down. So I had my son take care of the disassembly.

He got it done in about three hours. Next I made a list of parts I needed and got a hold of Dan at Motoexotica. About a week and half later my favorite non-family member showed up in their big brown truck and dropped off the parts. This weekend my helper and I pressure washed the frame.

Rebuilt the forks and rebuilt the engine the bitch of the engine was that it had pray paint all over it. Getting it all out of the texture of the engine was fun
So pretty!

Well not a bad weekend. We also managed about six hours of riding! Until next time.....Peace!
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