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Originally Posted by HalfPlate View Post
Yea Shoe Creek is hoot, not sure I would have done it with the water up like it is. I keep telling Eddy and Chuck we gotta do it, one of these days we are actually going to have to ride it. Maybe a Morton's Spring Fling advanced ride will be in order.

Shoe Creek + 1200GS with stock suspension, stock skid plate, and worn out Tourances = NAP But still a heck of a good time.

Poor stock suspension couldn't cope and I bounced off my line, then could get the traction I needed to power over a ledge. As a result I rolled back a few feet and plunked over, no harm no foal just good fun.

Reading this makes me feel better about my experience the day I was out with you, Dan, and Eddy. I'd had no problem on surfaces like those photo'd before, but then again I had TKCs on the bike on such occasions whereas the day I was out with you I had Tourances on the bike, plus stock suspension that I hear can be much improved upon. Ever since that experience I've been mulling around how to proceed next: invest in an off-road course where I'm instructed in a controlled environment on technique on a "big" bike vs. invest in suspension upgrade and continue doing what I've been doing vs. buy a small dirt bike and keep doing what I've been doing vs. some combo of the above. There is probably no wrong choice, as any of the above would result in progress. Meanwhile, I'm thinking I want to finally get a skydive in.
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