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Originally Posted by trampaslake View Post
Hello all. I was just wondering what the best way was to keep up with the 1000's race coverage in real time?
None, zero, zip, nada.

There is a off road forum that has a webcast of the radio channel 151.625 aka: "The Weatherman". But Weatherman is a communication frequency used to pass information up and down the race course by race teams. Sometimes Weatherman will say something like first bike though check 5. You will not be able to find out who is leading different classes let alone who is in 2nd or 3rd or how far behind they might be. You will be able to hear some racer's girl friend asking Weatherman where her boyfriend's car is, and get to hear a someone with a stuck mic for extended lengths. You may be able to hear real communication like a class 5-1600 car needs an alternator at race mile 235. It can be entertaining at 03:00 in the morning when sitting in your chase truck for about 10 min, then its just stupid.
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