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I grew up in the scooter business and over 50 years have seen the popularity of scooters come and go. Will scooters be popular a year from now, 5 years from now? I'd like to think that scooter sales will continue to rise along with gas prices but my experience tells me otherwise.
I hope they will be. I have $10,000 invested into 3 of them, and they should last me the rest of my life. I began replacing motorcycles with scooters back on '08, when I realized that my medical conditions were getting worse, and I would eventually be unable to ride a motorcycle. I have small scooters, two 125s and a 150. I tried the maxis, and found them harder to ride than a midsize motorcycle. I have over 24,000 miles on my Vino 125, and expect it to last at least twice that long. I still ride a 1500 Goldwing (which is a whole lot easier to ride than a GSX-R600) but it is currently for sale. I refuse to ride a trike. I have considered a Voyager kit, but the mileage it gets just isn't good enough to justify keeping it as a solo ride.

While I don't see gas prices having any effect on motorcycle sales (most car drivers absolutely HATE motorcycles), cute little automatic scooters seem to be another matter. Here it is possible to get a scooter license on a scooter, without ever having to learn how to shift and clutch. There are tons of scooters around here, unfortunately most of them are Chinese. They are either lasting longer, or people are buying a lot of them. I guess if one would last a year of commuting, which I see as being possible if they were set up right, then you could buy a new $800-$900 scooter every year, and still save a fortune over car payments, insurance, registration, and gas.

But, besides all the scooters, there are still plenty of rich people here, as most of the vehicles on the road are fairly new high dollar luxury and sports cars, and huge numbers of crew cab lifted trucks that get 8 mph, so somebody has money. The economy does not seem to be as bad as many people claim.
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