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This was the first lawn tractor I can remeber my grandfather owning when I was growing up. He has a 2 acre lake front plot that he mows religiously ever two days (retired, I wish I had that kind of time). He lives in northern Illinois, so plowing is also a huge deal for him. It is very well built and you cannot beat the craftmanship that came along with these ealry 90's Deere mowers.

IMHO, I would NOT buy this mower and heres why:

My grandfather used it almost daily for mowing and towing around a small trailer (JD model #45) and it was fine, nothing special but mowed very nicely. One afternoon in July when I was like 7 and my sister was 2 or 3, he was towing us along as we enjoyed so much when we were kids. They have a very large house that half of the first level is built underground into the side of a hill looking out over the lake. The hill rises at approx. 25-30deg angle. He was towing us along and started going up the hill, straight up with us in the trailer and it simply could not make it up. more than 10 feet. It stopped and bogged down and stalled with us in the back. The next morning, he took delivery of a 430 diesel. Night and day. More power, larger deck, heavier (for plowing) and he kept it from 1993 until last year when it was replaced by a newer version of the same mower. It ran just as well when he traded it in as the day he bought it.

I would find a diesel similar to that size if you can. So much better all around. If you buy and older 300 series and want to plow, get used to tire chains and wheel weights, You cannot plow with a small tractor without them. The heavier 400 series diesel is heavy enough to do everything you need and it will put more torque behind the PTO and mowers.

Hope this helps!

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