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Africa after Varadero

Originally Posted by johnny77 View Post
Hi AT fans!

I would like to ask you is anybody here, who bought an AT after a Varadero? I am just curious. The AT looks so cool. :)
I did...
Advantages of the Dero was:
- More space for 2 persons
- Tubeless tires
- More power
Advantages of the AT:
- Lighter and far easyer to handle
- Better in city traffic
- Better fuel consumption, range and economy in general
- Easyer to service
- More adventurus... better on dirt roads
- Far more reliable (i hade issues with Varadero with the HISS and with cut off engine and,,, and....)
- Timeless, cool and practikal design!

The Dero is a streetbike with some offroad look, fine for long travels on highways.
The XRV is for me (almost) the ultimate allround bike.

The 850-900 XRV with +20hp, 6 gears and tubeless spoked tires would be the perfect Africa Twin for me...

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