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Interesting link:

The Surface table is indeed in many aspects superior to the ipad display.
Especially the power consumption is awesome with only 2.3 watt (ipad 7w, galaxy 4.8).

The Surface RT has the lowest Reflectance we have measured for all of the Tablets in our Display Shoot-Outs.
The iPad 3 reflects 33 percent more Ambient Light than the Surface RT and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 reflects 41 percent more.
The iPad 3 has 52 percent brighter Mirror Reflections than the Surface RT and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has 62 percent more.

All of the Tablets have comparable Brightness and Contrast Ratios, but Contrast Ratio is only relevant for low ambient light.
The Surface RT has the Best Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light for all of the Tablets in our Display Shoot-Outs.

The Surface RT is significantly more Power Efficient than both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the new iPad 3.
This is consistent with its much longer Running Time on Battery, below.

The Surface RT has the second longest Battery Running Time at Maximum Brightness for any Tablet we have tested.
Since the display consumes the most device power, the Running Times at lower Brightness settings will be longer.

I don't know if it's my bifocals, my oldish monitor, I forgot my drugs, or I took too many drugs, but this post looks weirdly 3D to me, like the red is on top and the blue/white are in back. And it's a post about display color, contrast, life, etc. Oh the irony.
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