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Personally, I'd pass on a used Deere mower.

Maybe I'm getting skeptical in my old age, but people don't just wake up one morning and decide to sell their mower, it is either getting expensive to fix or they are starting to get concerned that it might start getting expensive to fix.

Personally, if you have to deal with snow I'd get a 4 wheeler with a plow. That guy is asking 2 grand for the setup (also, even with chains those turf tires suck on snow and ice) and I suspect you can get under that with a 4 wheeler of a similar vintage and plow, and possibly have enough left over to purchase a crappy rider that can keep your 2 acres mowed in the summer.

In addition to plowing, a 4 wheeler is exponentially handier to have around instead of using a mower- goes faster, pulls harder, and is more fun with someone on it behind you. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Buy a 4 wheeler and plow now and pick up a mower in January and you'll have better and more versatile stuff for less.
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