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Was able to get into the garage today to work on the B12. The tires will get done soon, but wanted clean up the front end a bit. Started taking off the fairing on the dropped right side, man it was bad, didn't even take pictures of it. The inside of the right side had so much plastic glue and putty that it went straight into the bin.

Got the rest off so I could take a look at the fairing frame. It confirmed what I suspected, the inner frame was pretty well bent up. It came off surprisingly easy. There were some tabs broken but not as many as I expected. The large front mount was bent to the right, while the right side mirror mount was bent down and in. The amount of work it would take to straighten out would be better spent cleaning up the bike and the headlight.

Does anyone need some extra front end parts for cheap?

Here is an old Kawasaki headlight that I had laying around. It doesn't have a bucket and the factory gauges would be mounted above it. I think there would be room to mount a touring screen if I felt I needed one. The final pic is the bike as it sits right now. Yes those are wires showing on the front.

2002 Bandit 2002 Rebuild
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