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Eggy's in the Sumter National Forest

Eggy is camped out in the woods about 30 paces behind this sign in the Sumter National Forest.

Here are the coordinates for where the motorcycle is parked in that picture.

Here's the sign.

See the slim tree trunk that's right above the hyphen in the picture below? Walk to it.

When you get to that skinny little cedar, look to your right front and you'll see Eggy's resting place.

Here's an arrow-less version of the photo.

Move the pieces of wood and uncover Eggy.

The road that Eggy is on is a dirt road. That sign is about 1.2 miles from pavement if you take Secession Street out of the town of Abbeville. The other dirt routes are longer. All of them are pretty tame Forest Service roads with some rutting in places. I have taken my wife's low-slung car on all of the dirt that you would possibly take to get to the sign/tag location.

Go get Eggy!

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