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Originally Posted by Disco Stu View Post
Stu-wife is looking at a possible job in Lewisville, TX. We know nothing about the area; neither of us has visited Dallas in over 10 years. So a couple of questions:

1) what's lewisville like? suburbia-hell where it's all chain restaurants and overcrowded mall parking lots?

2) how old is the area? in a preliminary search of real estate, almost everything looked like it had been built in the past 20 years.

3) is there much in the way of local theatres (live), concert venues, or do you have to hike to downtown Dallas or Ft. Worth for that sort of stuff?

4) what's traffic like? how long does it take to get from lewisville to downtown dallas in rush hour?

5) how far further out do you have to go to be able to find a couple of acres?

any and all insights are appreciated.
1. Lewisville is ok, it sits on I35E that will eventuall take yoyu straight to downtown Dallas. Lots of stores, shopping etc. Little bit nice town right next door is Flower Mound. Its west/northwest of Lewisville, maybe 10-15 mins away from 35E. There is light rail but have no clue about that, its still pretty new. Lewisville is a good melting pot of cultures, I wouldnt say it has a bad area. My daughter teaches high school there and she likes it. Highland Village is directly north of Lewisville on 35E and on the southwest corner of the actual lake.

2. There are some nice areas to live in around most of the neighborhoods popping up everywhere. In reference to Flower Mound look at the west end of hwy 407 for some nicer areas.

3. In addition to mentioned concert venues there is the Winstar casion about 45 mins north just past the OK border.

4.TXRKC has it right, at least 45 mins to downtown on a good day. Over an hour every other time. Be prepared, someone got the lowdown on money and we are tearing up and widening freeways everywhere.

5. Up near Denton you can find property. Not sure what the latest acre is going for....From Denton add another 20-30 mins but thats not including the distance from Denton to start with. I live about 5 miles NW of Denton in the country. I don't have to go down 35E. I take 35W to DFW airport and its about 40 miles. It takes me 45 mins to get to work in the morning and and hour to get home. But the drive is worth the sunset and not having to ride a cycle over 45 mins just to get out of town....I'm there.

Cross post this in the regional forums and you will have plenty more input

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