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Originally Posted by Gerg View Post
Yeah, Riiiight...

Any modern engine will run pretty close to all day long at near redline.

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German junk is so overrated!

You ought to read some of the batshit crazy talk over at RB Racing...

Those guys are seriously whack.

"We get asked all the time about what should be done to prepare your BMW for turbocharging...Well, this depends on what your goals are. Before we get into this we should give you a brief rundown on what you already have. If your bike was a Honda it would be superbly engineered and every part would be optimized for performance and reliability at the oem designed rated horsepower...double that figure and the rods, clutches and pistons are past their limits. BMW does things a bit differently. They build it to run for 300 hours non stop at 2.5 to 3 times the rated horsepower, then they cut things by 2/3 and sell it to you. The rods, pistons, cranks and base engine drivetrains are overly engineered on most of the models. The exception to this is the early air cooled models which started out as low horsepower, low rpm engines that weren't tested at 150 to 200 hp. Early K100's are practically bulletproof as they start out with 70 hp and at 125hp turbocharged they will run forever. We pumped them out to 312hp and never had a crankshaft problem although at rpms approaching 12000 they would float their valves and break camshafts."

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