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Originally Posted by hexnut View Post
I believe Aprilias under 200cc are assembled in China. I have seen some with a made in China sticker.

The Piaggio Fly/ Typhoon are assembled in China.

Vespa has a manufacturing plant in India for the Asian market and is doing some manufacturing in Vietnam. Vespas for the US are assembled in Italy but with parts from many other countries. But its only a matter of time......

Heck the wheels on my Kymco are stamped made in Italy.
I'll have to look for that on the Piaggios and Aprilias next time I'm in a shop. I don't doubt it, the Flys and SportCities are pretty inexpensive. And just so my position is clear: I do not own, and have never at any time owned, a Vespa, least of all a modern one. No Kool-aid here!

A shop in Vietnam and India is no surprise, they've done similar before. It helps save on shipping costs - and import tariffs. Vespa's done it before, with Bajaj and LML in India and PGO in Taiwan (yes, the companies that make Genuine's lineup were all previous Piaggio partners). Vespas have also been built in Germany (half a century ago), and Lambrettas were also built in India and Spain. Hell, Harley's opening shop in India (for the local market) and KTM has a partnership with Bajaj (for the local market + export). Honda and Yamaha both make bikes in Taiwan. Some Triumphs are made in Thailand.

In my opinion it's not worth fretting about where a vehicle is made anymore - just how nice the end product is.
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