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I had the 318 with plow and 48" deck. Great tractor, but the Onan only lasted about 1400 hours. Re power was going to be near $1K. Sold it for $2K and bought a 425 with plow. Great tractor, moves snow pretty good and on the flat with chains and some weight in the back it will do fine for you. I'd buy the four wheel steer version the next time around. You can find them for about $4K with plow, deck, and cart. Sounds silly, but the 318 and 425 both have power steering, don't think the 317 does - makes a big difference on that heavy tractor. You can also get tillers, brooms, buckets, and three point hitch's for these tractors.

The 300/400 series of JD tractor are built like tanks -- you won't be disappointed. They are REAL tractors, not riding lawn mowers.

That said, the comment on the ATV with plow and cart might be a better option for you. It looks like you might be able to use the ATV for fun and not just work. If you're planning on seeding that 2 acres, you'll want a bigger deck anyway. I think you can get pull behind finish mowers for them also.
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