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12 year olds science project

So the step son (to be) comes to me tonight about help with his science fair project. No idea what he wants to do, but he loves motorcycles since he and I started riding together. His father (great guy, no bashing here) is not mechanical and isnt much help. Mom, a cardiac specialist, isn't much into it either. Luckily for him she's marrying a guy who routinely has grease under his fingernails and a motorcycle project in various states of build at all times who started riding at 8 years old.

So the plan: how a motorcycle carburetor works. Complete with a cutaway carburetor. Not sure what old carbs I've got lying aorund, but I know enough of my motorcycle buddies will have some they dont need. Be nice to use a CV carb, but even an old slide one will do the trick. Going to cut it in half on the bandsaw as cleanly as possible, smooth out the edges with the file, paint the bowl side red for fuel, blue for air, maybe green for vacuum, etc and explain all of the circuits and what they do. I have a feeling he is sound asleep right now. But me, no, I've been awake the last two hours thinking about it. In fact, when this is all finished its going to get hung on my shop wall. I LOVE cutaway mechanical shit, and it will be even cooler when the 12 year old does it for his science fair.

No real question, just a statement and me blowing off some steam. I'm ready to start dissecting!
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